Pumpkin  $16                                     

Pecan  $18

Bourbon Chocolate Pecan  $20      

Apple  $22
Now offering Mini Pies!
- $36 to $42

per dozen

Pound Cakes

Prices for 6 mini Bundts:

Cherry Chocolate  $18

Lemon Lover's  $18

Lemon Lover's with Blueberries  $22

Orange Cranberry  $18

Pecan Praline   $22

Sweet Vanilla   $14

Mad for Macadamia

White chocolate & macadamia will drive you mad!   $14  

This Little Piggy

A chocolate chip and maple-candied bacon combination!      $16

Oatmeal Cream Pies

Vanilla buttercream sandwiched between soft oatmeal cookies    $16

S'more the Better

A peanut butter cookie with roasted marsh-mallows & milk chocolate   $14


A peanut butter cookie the Sweeten Up way!


The Cowgirl

A tasty blend of butterscotch and chocolate     $10


A delicious pairing of peanut butter and milk chocolate   $10

Wicked Chunky

Sweet and simple peanut butter cookie full of chocolate chunks      $10

Mint Chocolate Chip

Decadent cookie loaded with creamy mint and chocolate      $10

Oat My Goodness!

An oatmeal cookie that makes breakfast jealous!


Cookies 'n Crème

Inspired by the ice cream flavor only better!


Black & White Affair

Tantalizing duo of white   and semi-sweet chocolate  $10

Chocolate Me Crazy

Our signature chocolate chip cookie           $10

Call or Email:




Very Vanilla: Vanilla cake and vanilla buttercream dipped in white chocolate, $30

Peanut Butter Bliss: Vanilla cake and peanut butter  buttercream in a chocolate shell, $30

Carrot Top: Carrot cake and vanilla buttercream in white chocolate, $30

Fiesta: White cake, rainbow sprinkles, and vanilla buttercream in a white chocolate shell, $30

Chocolate Chip: Vanilla cake and buttercream with mini chocolate chips in a chocolate shell, $30

Strawberries and Crème: Strawberry cake and buttercream in white chocolate, $36

Lemon Drop: Lemon cake and buttercream in white chocolate, $36

Chocolate Mint: Chocolate cake and mint buttercream dipped in chocolate, $36

Red Velvet: Red velvet cake and vanilla buttercream dipped in chocolate, $36

Orange Chocolate:   Chocolate cake and orange buttercream finished in chocolate, $36 

Mocha: Chocolate cake and coffee buttercream finished in chocolate and cocoa powder, $36

Maple Bacon: Vanilla cake, maple buttercream, and candied bacon dipped in chocolate, $36

Nuts for Nutella: Chocolate cake and Nutella in a chocolate shell with hazelnuts, $36

Italian Crème: Vanilla cake and buttercream with toasted coconut and ground pecans, $36

Chocolate Toffee: Chocolate cake, toffee bits, and chocolate buttercream. Yum! $36

Quadruple Chocolate: Four types of chocolate! $36

Dulce de Leche: White chocolate and dulce de leche with toasted coconut, $36

Mexican Wedding Ball

Powdered sugar finishes this pecan shortbread cookie


Cherry Ol' Chap

A merry blend of dark chocolate and cherries


Cranberry Baby

A balance of white chocolate, cranberries & pecans      $10


A lovely blend of white chocolate and raspberry


Trippin' for Chocolate

An intense chocolate cookie with dark and milk chocolate morsels      $10

Cuckoo for Coconut

Adding a twist of toasted coconut to our chocolate chip cookie     $14

Frosted in the colors and shape of your choice,$36 and up per dozen

Cake Pops

$30 and $36 per dozen

Toffee Lovin'

Chocolate and toffee packed into our oatmeal cookie      $14

Cake Stand Rentals

See "Buffet and Display" page for a variety of options and ideas for displaying your "Little Things" or custom cake.


Standard cupcakes per dozen:             $30

Filled or premium flavors:                     $36

Mini cupcakes per two dozen:              $30

Filled or premium flavors:                     $36

Lip Smacker

Peanut butter butter-cream between two  peanut butter cookies  $16


The Lone Star

 Chocolate chip blended with roasted pecans


Lemon Smash

Two lemon cookies smash raspberry buttercream!  $16

The Golden Child

A scrumptious

m&m-filled cookie


Sugar Dazed Cookies

Our delicious cookies made in a mini cupcake shape and topped with buttercream goodness. Takes your cookie to a whole new level!

Black & White Affair: Topped with vanilla buttercream and chocolate vermicelli

Cherry Ol' Chap: Topped with cherry  buttercream and dark chocolate chips

Chocolate Me Crazy: Topped with chocolate buttercream and white vermicelli

This Little Piggy: Topped with maple buttercream

Trippin' for Chocolate: Topped with chocolate or vanilla buttercream and chocolate vermicelli

Cookies 'n Crème: Topped with Oreo buttercream and cookie crumble

Cranberry Baby: Topped with white chocolate buttercream and roasted pecans

Funky Monkey: Topped with peanut butter buttercream and a banana chip

Mint Chocolate Chip: Topped with mint buttercream and mini chocolate chips

The Cowgirl: Topped with chocolate buttercream and butterscotch chips

The Golden Child: Topped with vanilla buttercream and m&ms

The Lone Star: Topped with chocolate buttercream and a pecan half

Cookie Cups

$18 per dozen

Funky Monkey

A one-of-a-kind blend of peanut butter and banana chips      $14

Black-Eyed Susan

A kiss of chocolate ganache on our peanut butter cookie      $14


Rich, creamy traditional Brazilian truffles offered in ten delectable finishes, 6 pieces for $12 :

- Traditional (chocolate vermicelli)

- Brody's Brigadeiros (mini m&ms)

- Cinnamon

- Fiesta (sprinkles)

- Cocoa

- Coconut (toasted)

- Hazelnut

- Pecan

- Toffee

- White Chocolate

Favors for Parties, Weddings, & Marketing

Many of our Little Things can be made into favors to match the theme of your event! Contact us to discuss the possibilities, packaging, and pricing!

Shown: Traditional; Brody's; Cocoa; Hazelnut

Tea Breads

Chocolate Chip Banana or Ginger Pumpkin Bread:

-  Loaf  $17

- Dozen Tea Cakes $18

-  1 doz. Standard or 2 doz. Mini Muffins  $24

Banana Bread or Zucchini Bread:

-  Loaf  $15

-  Tea Cakes   $16

-  1 doz. Standard or 2 doz. Mini Muffins  $24