Lt. Teal Filigree Pedestal, 10-inch
Teal and Royal Filigree Pedestal, 12-inch
‚Äč[coming soon]
Teal Cake Pedestal (8-inch) with Cupcake Holders
Pink Pedestals,
10- and 12-inch
Opal Glass Pedestal, 1
Pink Depression Glass Footed Plate, 10-inch
Purple Glass Pedestal, 9-inch
White Scalloped Serving Platter, 7x10 inch
White Edged Serving Platter, 6x9 inch
White Basket-Edged Serving Platter, 7x11 inch
White Serving Platter, 8x13 inch
White Ruffled Pedestal, 7-inch

Display Pieces

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A Dessert Buffet makes any occasion more fun!

Dessert Buffets

Dessert Buffets are the latest trend in parties and weddings! Let us design a beautiful and delectable dessert buffet using your favorite desserts and fitting the theme of your event!  Popular selections for a dessert buffet include cake pops, mini cupcakes, cookies, cookie cups, mini pies, candies, sweet and salty snacks, tea breads, and mini desserts. We also offer a variety of dessert display pieces in all sizes, heights, and colors to pull your buffet together beautifully.

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Black 2-tier Server
Black 10" Square Pedestal
Gold Filigree Drums,
8-, 10-, and 12-inch
Silver Plateau, 20-inch
Wood & Tin Pedestal,
Wood & Wire Pedestal, 12-inch
Green Depression Glass Footed Plate, 10-inch
Olive Glass Pedestal,
White Wire Tray,
12-inch long
White Round Pedestal with Ribbon (all colors), 10-inch
White Square Pedestal, 10-inch
Hammered Silver Cake Knife and Server
Clear Handled Cake Knife and Server
Silver Ruffle-Edge Pedestal, 13-inch
Matte Silver Pedestal with Crystals, 12-inch
Matte Silver Pedestal, 7-inch
Silver Footed Plate with Ball Edge, 11-inch
Red Glass Pedestal,
Rustic Assortment
Olive and Champagne Glass Pedestal, 12-inch
Glass Pedestal with Silver Pearl Beaded Edge, 7-inch
White Pedestals with Lt. Blue Edges; 9- and 12-inch
3-tier White Wire Servers
White Filigree Square Drums, 9- and 13-inch
White Round Pedestal, 9-inch
Squared Cake Knife and Server
Silver Assortment
Ivory Iron Pedestal with Glass Top, 11-inch
Rustic Wood Crate. 14-inch
Teal Glass Pedestal,
Round Glass Pedestal, 10-inch
Round Glass Pedestal, 8-inch
White Square Pedestal, 10-inch
White Round Pedestal

White Narrow Wave Platters, 5x16 inch
Silver Filigree Drum,
Silver Crystal Drum,
Silver Filigree Drum,    6-inch
Matte Gold Filigree Drum, 16-inch
Rustic Wood Pedestal, 11-inch
Tree Slice Stands: 12x12, 12x14, 11x14, 11x18
Purple Glass Pedestal, 11-inch
Green Pedestal, 7-inch
Glass Assortment
Light Blue Pedestals,
10- and 12-inch 
White Porcelain Pedestals, 12-inch
White Cake and Cupcake Tower
Woven Silver Cake Knife and Server
Ivory Footed Plate, 
Ivory Pedestal & Cloche, 6-inch 
Rustic Gray Column Base
Rustic Wood Crate, 9-inch
Green Pedestal with Birds, 7-inch
Square Glass Pedestal, 8-inch
White Wire Pedestal,
Black 10" Pedestal
 Yellow Pedestals,
10- and 12-inch
Square Rustic Gray  Pedestal, 10-inch
Black 12" Pedestal
Ivory Rustic Stool, 8-inch