Cake Stand Rentals

We have a variety of cake stands, plates, platters, pedestals, and plateaus; tiered display pieces; baskets; towers; serving utensils; and more available to rent for your event. Contact us for selection and pricing!

Strawberry Champagne   $5.00 

Vanilla cake soaked in champagne and filled with strawberry mousse 

Triple Chocolate Sashay   $5.00 

Dark chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream, chocolate mousse, and chocolate ganache

Sweet Sand Cake      $4.50

 Vanilla cake layered with Chantilly and a cookie crumble/raw sugar mix

Italian Cream      $5.00 

Vanilla, coconut, and pecan cake with cream cheese frosting

Mimosa      $4.50 

 Orange cake soaked in champagne and filled with orange mousse

Sinful Cinnamon      $4.50 

Chocolate cake filled with cinnamon buttercream and chocolate ganache

Lemon Raspberry      $4.50 

Lemon cake with raspberry mousse

Café con Leche      $4.50 

 Vanilla cake soaked in espresso with Chantilly and a dusting of espresso

Turtle Cake      $5.00

 Chocolate cake filled with salted caramel buttercream, roasted Texas pecans,  and a chocolate ganache drizzle

Cookies and Crème      $4.50

 Chocolate cake with an Oreo buttercream filling

Mocha      $4.50

Chocolate cake filled with coffee buttercream and a chocolate ganache drizzle

German Chocolate      $5.00

 Chocolate cake with a coconut pecan filling

Tres Leches      $4.50

 Vanilla cake soaked in a three-milk mixture; filled with Chantilly and dusted with cinnamon

Dulce de Leche       $4.50

Vanilla cake; dulce de leche filling and toasted coconut

White Chocolate Razzle    $4.50 

Chocolate or vanilla cake; white chocolate buttercream and raspberry preserves

Peaches and Crème     $4.50 

Vanilla cake; peaches and Chantilly filling

Strawberries and Crème      $4.50 

Chocolate or vanilla cake; fresh strawberries and Chantilly filling

Wedding & Marketing Favors

We offer a huge list of possibilities for individual wedding and party favors! We can turn any small item on our menu into a  favor to match the theme of your event.  Check out our "Little Things" page for ideas!

Wedding Cakes

It would be our pleasure to create a beautiful and delicious piece of art for your wedding reception! Our pricing for wedding cakes begins at $4.00 per serving. We frost all of our cakes in buttercream. Whether you like the smooth look of fondant or a rustic, natural finish, our cakes will have the elegant look and the scrumptious taste you desire. Contact us to schedule a tasting!

Premium Wedding Flavors

Groom's Cakes

No matter what tickles the groom's fancy, we will create a design that portrays his unique personality!

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Neapolitan      $4.50

Chocolate or vanilla cake with vanilla, chocolate and strawberry buttercream 

Chocolate Toffee      $5.00 

 Chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream, toffee bits, and chocolate ganache

Carrot Cake      $4.50

Sweetly spiced cake with vanilla buttercream and a walnut sprinkle

Peanut Butter and Jelly $4.50

Vanilla cake with peanut butter buttercream and strawberry or raspberry preserves

Peanut Butter Cup      $4.75

 Chocolate cake filled with peanut butter buttercream and a chocolate ganache drizzle

Double Chocolate Caramel $4.50 

 Chocolate cake filled with salted caramel buttercream and chocolate ganache

Tiramisú Cake      $5.00 

Vanilla cake soaked in coffee liqueur and filled with mascarpone mousse and chocolate ganache

Maple Bacon Cake      $5.00

 Vanilla cake layered with maple buttercream and lightly sprinkled with candied bacon

Margarita Cake      $4.75 

Margarita cake soaked in tequila, filled with lime curd, frosted with lime buttercream, and topped with flakes of salt